Live My Gen. '73

Bruce bkawak at
Mon Oct 18 23:54:20 CDT 2004

>>  there is a guitar dropout not present on the KBFH version,
> Dropout, to me, implies a recording malfunction.  In this case, I believe 
> Pete,
> for some reason or other, just didn't play a measure.

I think it's an (PT) equipment issue.  It sounds like a pedal or chord 
shorted out.  It happens a lot, he was kinda rough on his equipment. :)

>> the song is half as long with no apparent edits.
> The ending sounds a bit awkward to me.  I always wondered if there was
> an edit there.  But it could've been.....just an awkward ending.

I didn't notice any edits.  The only edits I know of that KBFH would do were 
bleeps for curse words.  KBFH was a weekly show put it together and get it 
out the door.

>> I just wish the sound quality was better, there is radio interference
> I still think that's part of the original recording.  I know I taped it 
> off a local radio
> station with good reception.  To me, the "interference" (I assume we're 
> talking
> about the crackling noise towards the end) sounds like it might be maxed 
> out
> levels, as it occurs when Pete is sustaining some low-toned, droning 
> feedback.
> And it's not cassette tape damage.  I take good care of all my old 
> cassettes &
> that noise was there from day one.

To me it sounds more on top of the music like interference.  However, 
considering the rest of the song is fine it could be more stage equipment 

>> and appears to be in mono(?).
> Yes, I think it is.  I always recorded in stereo back then.  I *know* I 
> wouldn't
> have recorded it in mono accidentally.

I don't understand how/why they would use a song in mono with tape anamolies 
when they had the same song in perfect condition from the priginal 
broadcast?  If time was a probablem hey could have used a shorter song like 
Pinball or Can't Explain.

 Bruce, while the song itself is definitely
> in mono, the sweetened audience noise at the beginning & end sounds like 
> it
> might be in stereo!  Can you confirm this?  I'll have to give it a listen 
> in head-
> phones.

I agree.

> Other observations about this version:  Moon makes a glaring mistake, 
> coming
> in late after the final "Why don't you all......"  And Pete gets some 
> really cool
> swishing, washing, swooshing feedback at the very end (right after the 
> crackling).
> Also, Daltrey gets a "I'm not tryin' to cause a....fuckin' big 
> sensation!" - which
> must've escaped the attention of the radio people who chose it.

By the 80s I don't think it was such a big deal.  I have never heard the 
Hell version of Who RU on the radio.

> Now,.....the question that remains is,.....where's the rest of this show? 
> ;-)

NYC with all the KBFH archives.  I talked to one of the guys that bought 
KBFH in '95 or so and he read me off his PC every Who tape in the archive. 
They were still trying figure out what they had at the time. There were 3 
entries for 12/6 Largo, Landover, & DC. I told him that was most likely just 
one show. :) He actually called me back to get some more info.  I enquired 
about any releases and he stated it would be very difficult with the bigger 
bands but they hoped to get them out.  They had several Stones concerts and 
the very first KBFH in '72 (not broadcast) had Springsteen as the opening 
act.  The problem is the don't have rights to release anything without 
artist consent.  As you can see 10 years later they have only put out a 
handful of CDs by mid/lower tier artists.

They had Philly, Toronto '82, and John Entwistle.  The latter rocked my 
world as no one and I mean no one knew an Ox show was taped.  He read me the 
setlist half of which were wrong but it was enough to know it was a '75 Ox 
show. I told Steve/John and 2 years later it's on the shelves. :)


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