Live My Gen. '73

Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon Oct 18 21:44:31 CDT 2004

> I compared it with the well known KBFH version and it is not the same song.  

Yep.  It's like the KBFH version's unruly cousin!

>  there is a guitar dropout not present on the KBFH version, 

Dropout, to me, implies a recording malfunction.  In this case, I believe Pete,
for some reason or other, just didn't play a measure.

> the song is half as long with no apparent edits.

The ending sounds a bit awkward to me.  I always wondered if there was 
an edit there.  But it could've been.....just an awkward ending.

> This is from the "Live Tracks" radio show that DIR Broadcasting, the same 
> company that produced KBFH, broadcast in the 80s/early 90s using the KBFH 
> vaults.  

Hmmm......I didn't know that.

> I just wish the sound quality was better, there is radio interference 

I still think that's part of the original recording.  I know I taped it off a local radio
station with good reception.  To me, the "interference" (I assume we're talking
about the crackling noise towards the end) sounds like it might be maxed out
levels, as it occurs when Pete is sustaining some low-toned, droning feedback.
And it's not cassette tape damage.  I take good care of all my old cassettes &
that noise was there from day one.

> and appears to be in mono(?).  

Yes, I think it is.  I always recorded in stereo back then.  I *know* I wouldn't 
have recorded it in mono accidentally.  Bruce, while the song itself is definitely
in mono, the sweetened audience noise at the beginning & end sounds like it
might be in stereo!  Can you confirm this?  I'll have to give it a listen in head-

> Scott what did you record this with?

My older brother's top-of-the-line Yamaha tape deck, back in the mid-'80s.
Great deck.  He still has it.  

Other observations about this version:  Moon makes a glaring mistake, coming
in late after the final "Why don't you all......"  And Pete gets some really cool
swishing, washing, swooshing feedback at the very end (right after the crackling).
Also, Daltrey gets a "I'm not tryin' to cause a....fuckin' big sensation!" - which
must've escaped the attention of the radio people who chose it. 

I guess I was just in the right place at the right time to get this on tape.  Years
went by & I kept waiting for this version to pop up on some bootleg.  I figured 
someone else must've had it somewhere.  But it never appeared.  And inquiries 
on various internet Who lists always produced silence.

Now,.....the question that remains is,.....where's the rest of this show?   ;-)

- SCHRADE in Akron

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