Live My Gen. '73

Bruce bkawak at
Mon Oct 18 20:26:01 CDT 2004

I got a CD today from Schrade of The Who in '73 (according to the DJ) playing My Generation.  It definately sounds like the KBFH version (bass heavy, same guitar tone) but it's not.  I compared it with the well known KBFH version and it is not the same song.  Pete is playing different riffs at the same point in each version, there is a guitar dropout not present on the KBFH version, the song is half as long with no apparent edits.

Of course the obvious thing would be to say it is from the next night Landover.  I KNOW all the tracks from the original KBFH broadcast are from Philly.  I've heard rumours Landover was not a good show and they cut it short which might explain the song being under 4m, half as long as it's well known counterpart.  This is from the "Live Tracks" radio show that DIR Broadcasting, the same company that produced KBFH, broadcast in the 80s/early 90s using the KBFH vaults.  Until proven otherwise I can only assume this version of My Generation is from Landover!  I just wish the sound quality was better, there is radio interference and appears to be in mono(?).  Scott what did you record this with?


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