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Mon Oct 18 16:25:20 CDT 2004

Repost from Relayers:

Saw the Howard Stern thread and the question about experience with
Satellite radio. I have it in my car and I love it. Stations cover
every musical type that you can think of, most with several stations.
Lots of talk stations, sports. Name of artist and song shows on

Sirius upside -
There's already a howard sternish guy on Sirius satellite (and he's
only on Sirius) - Mike Church - who I think is great - check out for a taste. It really does make a difference when
they don't have to worry about what they say

EVERY NFL game (most are on two stations so you can even choose which
team's home radio broadcast to listen to!) - lots of hockey (if they
were playing) - lots of college football - lots of NBA - (if they had
baseball it would be nirvana), lots of sports talk stations

CNBC, ABCnews, Fox News, NPRs etc, special "right" and "left" talk
stations. The cable stations are the actual shows simulcast on Sirius
great reception - though it can cut out for 1/2 second here and there
or in parking garages but who cares - no static, trying to tune in
different distant stations - all the stations are the same and in the
same place wherever you are - They even have traffic and weather
channels for each of many many cities across the country

Now there is an Xact rig that you can take out of your car and plug
into a walkman type of device with headphones that I'll be getting

talk stations have lots of commercials (most are tv stations or
replays or regular radio shows)
music stations have djs that can talk between songs

GET IT GET IT GET IT - costs about $100-$200 to get going depending
on what you buy - then $10-$12 month. WELL WORTH IT.

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