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Explosive John Kerry Tape From 1960's Surfaces!
Monday October 18, 5:47 am ET

Newly-Discovered Tape Reveals Kerry's High-School
Rock-Band as Pioneers!

Kerry's First 'Band Of Brothers' Wins Praise From
Rock-Star Pete Townshend! 

NEW YORK, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- A long-forgotten
audiotape of John Kerry's high-school rock-band -- The
Electras -- recorded 43 years ago at a school dance
has just been discovered in a Californian vault. It
reveals the young John Kerry and his teenage bandmates
unwittingly creating probably the first-ever recorded
example of the psychedelic effect of "feedback" -- the
audio distortion made popular by Pete Townshend and
Jimi Hendrix in the mid-1960's. 
Townshend -- the legendary Who guitarist -- has
listened to the newly-discovered live recordings of
Kerry's band and pronounced himself a fan. He even
offered the band a helpful tip! 

"The band sounds great to me. But the drummer is
playing too many notes!" 

The tape differs from the band's previously-discovered
1961 studio album. The 30-minute tape featuring 10
songs was recorded October 21st 1961 at The Concord
Academy -- an all-girls school in New Hampshire. The
last song -- an instrumental called "Rawhide" -- ends
in the unmistakable sound of 'feedback.' 

Kerry's guitarist schoolmate Larry Rand recalls: 

"The show was going well -- suddenly there was a
terrible electronic sound from Kerry's amplifier! We
were mortified! This was long before psychedelia and
it wasn't a sound garage bands tried to make! But
Kerry stayed cool. Even then he was a visionary! The
rest of us were trying to impress schoolgirls and he
was experimenting with psychedelic feedback!" 

The newly-discovered tapes can be heard free-of-charge
on the Electras' new website: which also offers CDs of
the band's 1961 studio album. 

The band is planning a reunion in 2005 to celebrate
its 45th anniversary. They hope it will be at Kerry's

Adds co-founder Jon Prouty: 

"It started 45 years ago with just us four. The
classic garage-band lineup of two guitars, bass and
drums. Over the years we had 13 different members. But
Kerry was our only bass player. He was our Paul
McCartney! In a way we were just like the Beatles. We
were doing fine as a band till our bass player left to
launch a solo career!" 

"Kids are using the instrumental tracks we recorded in
1961 as backing for their own new songs! Just to say
that their record features John Kerry playing bass!"

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