Pete on R&R Circus

Bruce bkawak at
Sun Oct 17 20:50:53 CDT 2004

> Hard to tell, he doesn't exactly lift up his shirt!  Pete's always been
> a bit fidgety in interviews but this time it's really noticeable.  (Dare
> I say he looks like a coke addict?)

He moreso than normal seems to be making his answers up as he goes.  You can 
almost "see" him coming up with the responses.  It might be that this is a 
Stones project and he wants to be sure to put them in a good light, not step 
on any toes, hence the over the top praise of them and Mick in particuliar.

As far as The Who go they use yet another set of angles for AQO!  There are 
3 versions (TKAA, RnR Circus VHS and DVD) of this clip out and all use 
different angles. :)  The dust on the film print is more noticeable because 
it is clearer than the VHS.


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