Pete's R&R Circus Interview

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sun Oct 17 20:20:26 CDT 2004

I got to see Pete's interview on the new Rolling Stones Rock & Roll
Circus DVD.  It's a so-so interview.  Pete's thoughts seem convoluted
at times.  And he's constantly scratching himself!  Around his back,
behind his neck, on the shoulder.....  And at one bizarre point he has
his entire arm up the front of his shirt (!) scratching his chest!  WTF?!

The interview is about 20 minutes long with many edits as Pete
probably talked for three hours!  Pete really praises Mick Jagger.
And he says while The Who were OK doing their "adrenaline" thing,
The Stones, & especially Jagger, proved to be the more exciting,
the more experienced, band.

He says Brian Jones was "crying his eyes out" at times & Mick had
to help him keep it together.  He claims both Brian Jones *&* Keith
Richards were really drugged up at the event & he goes on to de-
scribe their various shades of facial color.  He doesn't mention Bill
Wyman or Charlie Watts.

Pete drops the F-bomb quite a few times.  At one point, pondering
people who might look at the whole R&R Circus idea as pretentious,
he says something like, "But you know what?  Fuck 'em. <pause>
Fuck 'em.  Fuck 'em.  Fuck 'em.  Fuck 'em.  Fuck 'em.  Fuck 'em
to death & fuck 'em to hell."  (!)

This got me to thinking.  Does Pete do this to try to sound anti-estab-
lishment or something?  To give himself some sort of street cred?
Don't get me wrong.  I don't mind Pete's swearing.  I think it's often
funny & I believe it *does* give him some street cred.  I guess.

And he's always dropped the F-bomb throughout his career.  But it
seems lately that he *has* to get it in there when speaking.  Many
recent shows have had Pete saying "fuck" from the stage.  The recent
IOW DVD has an interviewed Pete forcefully letting loose with a,
"Jesus....fucking....Christ!"  (I use this one on occasion  & was quite 
pleased to hear Pete utter it.)

I just think he's been swearing a lot lately.  More than he used to.

Back to the R&R Circus interview.  Surprisingly, Pete claims that the
original idea for a circus/rock show was thought up by Jagger,
Ronnie Lane, & Pete himself!  He says he had (took?) a meeting
with Jagger in LA around '67/'68.  And they originally were thinking
of making it a traveling US tour, including the Stones, The Who,  
the Small Faces, circus performers, tents,.... the whole works.  But 
Pete says they checked into the logistics & realized US rail travel 
moved too slowly for the tour to be feasible.  (?)

Pete also says he enjoyed being around Marianne Faithful during
the film shooting.  He says he & others used to "take the piss" con-
cerning Marianne, thinking she was just a pretty face with no talent.
But at the R&R Circus shooting, Pete says he realized she "had teeth."
(The F-bomb gets dropped again during this story!)

Pete also says they ran out of alcohol late in the shooting & he sus-
pects much of the drunken behavior was faked.  (!)

He talks about the history of "A Quick One" (the song).  Nothing
new.  It's the "10 minutes to fill" & the "one song made up of lit-
tle songs" story you've heard a million times before.

No crazy Moon stories, no insults to Daltrey, no mention of the OX.

Lots of scratching, though!  

- SCHRADE in Akron

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