Pete Bio on TV

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Oct 17 19:47:19 CDT 2004

>Me, neither.  I wonder if this "biography" will contain scenes
from that British pedophile special which aired the footage of
Pete being arrested.

>If the official A&E summation that Keets provided is anything
to go on, this upcoming program should be 20% "Pete the
artist" & 80% "Pete the accused pedophile."

I already used their little form to mention that Pete merited a bio on his 
accomplishments as a composer and musician and I hope they haven't used the 
whole hour to talk about something else.  >:|

Also, I mentioned that IF it was a good show, I'd be interested in 
purchasing a copy.

Those little contact forms can be a mistake--it's why they hide them so 
well.  Make use of them folks; there's still time for them to re-edit the 
bio.    ;)


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