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L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Oct 17 17:13:44 CDT 2004

> >A&E "biography": pete townshend
>Cool, but why are they burying it in the middle of the night?

<Lets face it, Pete is NOT todays news as is the who, nobody gives a
shit except for the hardcore fan.
Who fans are few and far between, we only think/wish that the band
is number one in the public eye.
In reality they are has beens, you know it ,I know it.
We love em're next door neighbour cares more about kylie
or some other flavour of the month.

I poked around for some info, and it looks like the train wreck with the CP 
website may be what has suddenly made Pete of interest to the Biography 
channel.  It does appear to be a new release, as it's not listed on their 
site or in their store yet.  Once it's aired, I gather it will become 
available on tape or DVD, but maybe we should wait to see what it's like 
before ordering.

Here's the description from RockOnTV:

ROCKONTV	guide to music on television
Show: 	Biography
Episode: 	Pete Townshend
Network:	(A&E) A&E Network
Date: 	Tuesday - November 30, 2004
Time: 	04:00 am - 05:00 am ET

    Featured Artists
    Pete Townshend, The Who

    About: Pete Townshend
    Life of the guitarist, singer, and songwriter for The Who best known for 
his conceptual works, including "Tommy" and "Quadrophenia". After decades of 
success, Pete Townshend's life was turned upside-down in 2003 when he was 
accused of viewing child pornography on the Internet. Townshend claimed he 
was simply conducting research for an autobiography that will address his 
own abusive childhood. Police cleared Townshend of the charges, but he will 
have to remain on a national sex offender registry in Britain for five 
years. [TVPG]

    About Biography
    A&E's Emmy Award-winning series Biography has been called "one of 
cable's true landmarks," bringing viewers a remarkable variety of profiles 
of important and interesting people, represented with depth, detail, and 
historical accuracy. Biography is the longest-running, single-topic 
documentary series on television.

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