Anthony Kiedis' memories of Keith Moon

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Sun Oct 17 06:39:32 CDT 2004

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Anthony Kiedis, singer with the Red Hot Chili Peppers,
discovered sex and drugs at the age of 12 thanks to
his dad, pot-dealing friend to the rock aristocracy of
Seventies California. This exclusive extract from the
year's most sensational autobiography tells it all -
including what it's like to have Cher as a

...For the most part, the adults who didn't know me
just ignored me. But Keith Moon, the drummer for the
Who, always tried to make me feel at ease. In the
midst of this chaotic, riotous, party-life atmosphere
where everyone was screaming and shouting and sniffing
and snorting and drinking and humping, Moon would take
the time to be still and take me under his arm and
say: 'How you doing, kid? Are you having a good time?
Shouldn't you be in school or something? Well, I'm
glad you're here, anyway.'...

-Brian in Atlanta
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