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Sat Oct 16 19:44:04 CDT 2004

October 14th, 2004
AceFace - (Fading Ways)

Threatlevel: redwhiteblue
Doug Hamelin

Borrowing their name from the top mod in The Who's movie Quadrophenia, 
Aceface debuts with Threatlevel: redwhiteblue. Their sound is a mix of '60s 
R&B and earlier Brit rock along the lines of The Who and Bowie with a wash 
of new wave synth stringing it together. Although it gets off to a promising 
start with songs like Face Machine and Again, Threatlevel meanders off track 
trying to pull off Doors-like electro fills. Despite these few hiccups this 
Toronto band is off to a promising start and this album will likely find its 
way into a few DJ crates with all the trendy mod nights popping up in the 

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