Rabbit Diary - 9/21/04 - Taxman Cometh

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Thu Oct 14 14:42:26 CDT 2004

I know that we all have the same problem 
when it comes to the taxman, but dad-gum, 
he's real mean to me. I might as well work for the Who 
for free, cause once the taxman takes his bit, 
there's hardly anything left. Ya'll all know 
the feeling, right? And what are they doing with our 
taxes?....feeding the poor, sharing the money with 
3rd world countries, helping get them on to their feet?. 
Are they using it to help research to make 
us all live longer and healthier lives? 
What about all the world's animals and little 
creatures that are being wiped out by 
corporate business projects across the Planet. 
Are they looking after them creatures with my tax 
dollars?...No!.......they are starting wars with 
mine and your money. 
I know it's the law of the jungle, nature of the beast, 
etc., but I didn't apply to have a war with anybody, 
I didn't give them my go ahead to use my cash to 
build more powerful bombs and weapons. 
What happened to helping the needy, and building 
nations? We are just tearing other people's nations 
apart, and then attempting to re-assemble other 
nations to suit our needs for commerce etc. 
Well, I for one ain't happy about all that, 
but that's how the 'cookie thief' crumbles I guess. 
I love America, but take your boots off for a while and 
let your feet feel the Earth. She needs our help too. 
Some of my best friends in the world are flat broke, 
out of jobs, poor and hungry. What about helping them out then? 
For me, charity and a helping hand starts at home. 
If some one asks for help, then by all means, 
lend a hand, but don't force your help down people's 
throats when they didn't ask or want it in the first place. 
America's hungry folk need my tax dollars, for sure. 
John Rabbit Bundrick 

Not too stupid, is he?
Kevin in VT

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