Konked by a Phat Riff

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Thu Oct 14 03:51:19 CDT 2004

And the chorus, what about the chorus?
My Generation has a great chorus, "talking 'bout my generation...", the 
second chord of the sequence of two,that is a kind of riff.
The same with Can´t Explain, when the chorus "can't explain", also the 
second chord of the sequence of two, is repetead at exhaustion.
The chorus "Substitute", in the song,begins  is the first chord of the 
sequence of three...
It's a Townshend mark...


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>>What do you say, Lew? Does have to be three chords or
>>more to be a riff?
>Depends on how the chords are used....take The Kinks for example:
>You Really Got Me = 2 chords ... but is a phat riff indeed !
>as far as TheWho-> is concerned:
>MG = no riff
>Baba = no riff
>MG = no riff
>ICE = no riff
>Substitute = ONE of the GREAT riffs, comprised of chords
>Slip Kid = good riff, comprised of chords
>The Good's Gone = GREAT riff
>A Legal Matter = good riff
>Anyway Anyhow Anywhere = GREAT riff
>it's all in the application...........subtly different in nuance, greatly 
>different in impact!
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