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NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 13, 2004--When
CMT (Country Music Television) airs its Moonshine
Madness documentary Saturday night (16th) as part of
the network's Shocktober events, it will be the
culmination of a wild ride for Dell Conner. The
Dawsonville, Georgia singer/songwriter, whose radio
moniker is Uncle Dell, not only will be interviewed in
the documentary, but his self-penned ode to moonshine
tripping, "Runnin' Shine," will be prominently
featured in the one-hour special airing at 9 p.m.

...Thunder Road also sent a copy of Conner's video to
Boom Productions in New York, the producer of Roger
Daltrey's (The Who) Extreme History with Roger Daltrey
series. "When they saw my video, Roger decided to do
an episode on moonshine tripping," Conner related. "He
replaced me in the video and got behind the wheel of
the '39 Ford and became the moonshine tripper. He came
down to Dawsonville, and we hung together for about
five days last year while he shot the episode. We even
jammed some on guitar and harmonica while we were at
Atlanta Motor Speedway." And when Daltrey left Atlanta
for England, he carried a little souvenir home with
him in a jar...

-Brian in Atlanta
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