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Substitute Who at Caernarfon Oct 13 2004
SUBSTITUTE Who will be performing at Cofi Roc, in

The four-piece band, from Staffordshire, pay tribute
to the legendary The Who, and was originally formed in

In the early days, the band were called Renown and
featured The Who songs alongside other band covers.

Over the years, the band found that more and more
songs from The Who were being requested.

As a result they added more Who songs to their set
until eventually in 2003 they became a full Who
tribute act.

The band have adopted The Who's late sixties look and
feature songs from the sixties to the early seventies.

Classic songs in their set include Substitute, I Can't
Explain, Pinball Wizard and of course the anthem My

They also include a couple of songs from the film

The band are all from the Staffordshire area and
includes Carl James as front man Roger Daltrey
sporting the long curly-haired look that Daltrey
favoured in the late sixties. The line-up has remained
largely the same since they started in 1999.

Substitute Who is a must for all lovers of sixties
music as well as Who fans.

See Substitute Who at Cofi Roc, in Caernarfon, on
Wednesday, October 20.

-Brian in Atlanta
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