Konked by a Phat Riff

An English Boy peter_dennis_blandford_townshend at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 13 18:22:59 CDT 2004

>From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked at yahoo.com>

>What do you say, Lew? Does have to be three chords or
>more to be a riff?


Depends on how the chords are used....take The Kinks for example:

You Really Got Me = 2 chords ... but is a phat riff indeed !

as far as TheWho-> is concerned:

MG = no riff
Baba = no riff
MG = no riff
ICE = no riff

Substitute = ONE of the GREAT riffs, comprised of chords
Slip Kid = good riff, comprised of chords
The Good's Gone = GREAT riff
A Legal Matter = good riff
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere = GREAT riff

it's all in the application...........subtly different in nuance, greatly 
different in impact!


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