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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 07:45:47 CDT 2004

> So, you *agree* the intro to "Can't Explain" is a
I thought by your phrasing of the question you were
implying you didn't.


This is what I wrote, which started the discussion
about ICE:

"Can power chords be a riff? So that, say, I Can't
Explain's four chords would be considered a riff? I
would say Yes, but you may not...going by a more
stricter definition."

> Is that "Baba's" riff?  Doesn't sound 
right to call that a riff.  More like a melody....

I'm having a harder time with that one, too, but if
ICE has a riff, I'd have to say so does Baba.

> "Bargain?"  I'd say no.  No riff.  

Yeah. Good one.

> Guidelines, Mark.  Discussion guidelines.

Rules are rules, no matter what you call them.

> How about My Generation.  It's repetitive.  It
"drives" the song.  But, it's 
not exactly catchy.  I say no riff.


Another tough one. Two chords drive the song, and that
doesn't seem enough to qualify as a "riff." At least,
to me.
What do you say, Lew? Does have to be three chords or
more to be a riff?

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