Hillary's Duff and catching up...

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Tue Oct 12 10:39:21 CDT 2004

>From: Joe Lewinski <lewinski at icanon.com>
>Subject: Re: Hilary Duff.
>Hey Paul, please try to stay on topic huh?   "Can you keep it
>together?"   - Keith Moon    ;-)    Just kidding ya man!

OUCH!  Touché !
Joe Philly takes Paul to task!

Should have been with us in NY, Joe, all we were saying all weekend were those lines from Keith...
"Can we get on with it? Can you keep it together?"  (if not exactly accurate, I'm sure Mc will re-educate me ;-)

....."I've been away soooo long...."
No, no brother bill, just been sailin' and vacationing.

To share, I'll list some interesting "Who moments" from my travels...

1) At the dock at the local marina getting a pump-out (getting the shitter emptied, for you land lubbers).  A motor-pig driver asks me "what's so 'pure and easy' about sailing?"  I replied cheerily "Pure and Easy is a song by Pete Townshend."  He replies "who?"
I said..(with a look of discontent, I'm sure)..."Exactly."  
The poor simpleton.

2) There seems to be a big push by the DOT in VT to remove any non-official stickers and graffiti from stop signs.  My "I brake for Pete Townshend" sticker that I strategically placed on a stop sign outside of a High School in the middle of Nowhere, VT is now gone after surviving all summer.  Must be Bush supporters that got this going.  All the Bush stickers on STOP signs are gone too.  Hmph, another thing to hate Bush about.

3) Walking along in Fells Point, Baltimore (visiting me wife's family), I run into a guy who is wearing a "Who Tour 2002" T-shirt.  I stop and chat with him about what show he went to and learn he was at Boston II and had no idea that the show was now out on DVD. (!)  I thought he was going to hug me when I told him!

4) <this one blew me away> : Down on The Mall in Washington, DC (visiting *my* family) we're checking out all the booths and concerts by Native American Indian tribes as part of the opening of the National Museum for Native Americans (It was *WAY* cool, BTW...).  We're watching this one tribe from Alaska doing several songs on the main stage that is set up with the Capitol building right behind it. The group had this one guy who seemed very hip, yet also very into the music they were playing and acting out.  After this one song about chasing birds, the guy states with a sly grin "You might hear other tribes do this one, but we are the originators, so....hopefully you won't be fooled again!"  The rest of his band mates kind of laugh, and then the guy comes back to the mic. chuckling and says..."that's right, we're into more than just our ancestral music."  I look at my wife and mom and just raise my hands like "touchdown!"

5) A week of driving on the beach around Cape Hatteras, NC listening to Quad.  Need I say more??  Oh, Cousin Stu from MD joined us for a 1/2 week.  Good stuff.  Now, if I could just beat him on PS2 FIFA Soccer!

6) Walking along the pedestrian zone in Burlington Sunday afternoon with my wife, 2-year old Ethan on my back in a pack, my mom and her friend from Germany, we run into a lone Nader supporter holding a big sign that read "Support The Green party, vote for Nader."  ???  The *GREEN's* don't even support Nader!
I playfully confronted him for a bit, but gave up when he tried to tell me Kerry was farther Right than Bush (ohhh..Kaaayy).
On our return trip past the lonely Nader-dude, I got my crew to lock arms with me and while walking past him changed "A VOTE FOR NADER IS A VOTE FOR BUSH! A VOTE FOR NADER IS A VOTE FOR BUSH!  A VOTE FOR NADER IS A VOTE FOR BUSH!"
I then ended our change with a loud "SO DON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN!"
:-)  Hey, there's Who content in there!

7) Exiting the VT Airport Sunday evening after dropping my mom and her friend off for their flight home (foliage season, don't ya know), the guy at the exit gate for the garage asks suddenly "So, you're that big of a Who fan??" (Must have seen my 'Slipkid' plate).
I turn from scrounging for money and look him right in the eyes and say emphatically "Yes. Yes, I am.  Can you blame me?"
He smiled and said "No, not at all!"  Then asks me if I've seen the new TKAA DVD.  Told him "of course" and then educated him on Boston II and IOW DVD's.  Another happy customer.

Well, that's it from up here in colorful VT.  
"Leaves start falling, come-down is calling, and loneliness starts sinking in..."
(thank god, 'cause we're burned and tired of visits!)

Oh, and as for ultimate live Who...
I'd have to throw my hat into the Leeds ring, with only Amsterdam Journey (title of boot)as a possible alternative.  
Lars ain't so dumb, is he?  ;-)

Stay in tune,
Kevin in VT

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