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SessionLoops Announces Classic Rock Drum Loop Collection
Hundreds of song-oriented rock drum loops featuring Simon Phillips

October 11, 2004
Drum Foundations Volume One - "Classic Rock Sessions", features master 
drummer Simon Phillips (Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger, Pete Townshend etc.) laying 
down groove after groove at Woodcliff Studios in Los Angeles.

Chock full of essential loops representing the fundamental building blocks 
of rock, "Classic Rock Sessions", offers a collection of drum grooves 
inspired by some of rock's greatest songs, from AC/DC to Zeppelin. 
Throughout 34 'Drum Sessions' with a wide range of tempos, Simon Phillips 
turns in a dynamic performance across a variety of rock styles from Texas 
Blues to full-tilt Power Punk. Each 'Drum Session' contains all the parts 
you'll need to create your song (Verse, Chorus, Fills etc). Choose a 'Drum 
Session' that matches your tempo and feel, then drag and drop the parts into 
your sequencer software and arrange. Mix and match loops from different sets 
and use the full single-hit collection to add crash cymbals, kicks or extras 
to the loops to increase realism or build your own custom kits.

Drum Foundations will be available on PC/Mac CD-R in Stereo WAV (Acidized), 
Multi-Track WAV (Acidized) and Apple Loops formats.

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