to Riff, or Not to Riff ...THAT is the question!

An English Boy peter_dennis_blandford_townshend at
Mon Oct 11 12:35:54 CDT 2004

From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked at>

>Given the subject title of Guitar solos, and the
>common expression that someone is who is soloing can
>be said to be "riffing," I meant the guitar solo. I
>wasn't talking about the riff that drives the song.
>Can power chords be a riff? So that, say, I Can't
>Explain's four chords would be considered a riff? I
>would say Yes, but you may not...going by a more
>stricter definition.



*I* consider a "riff" to be a given instrumental, repetitive phrase by an 
instrument that drives,
and identifies a musical motif, and guitar "parts" and "licks" and "fills" 
and "solos" to be something
else completely.

However, you are correct, I missed the "Guitar Solo" as a focal point of the 
discussion, and
went astray in my usual and highly personal way, but, hell, what can y'll 
expect from a guitar
player who prefers RIFF based Rock Songs over other styles.

"I've been waiting so long, in the sunshine of your love.........."


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