to Riff, or Not to Riff ...

An English Boy peter_dennis_blandford_townshend at
Mon Oct 11 10:15:03 CDT 2004

AEB wrote:

> > Worst Riff Ever:   "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin



>I must disagree. It's "All You Need Is Love" by The
>Beatles. It was easy to believe they were all doing
>acid, when you heard that.

>Cheers         ML


I would say then, Mr. Mark, that we have distinctly different opinion as to 
exactly, a "riff," is.

The is nothing, musically speaking as a guitarist, that qualifies "All You 
Need Is Love"
as even having a "riff," as I have come to know one in the musical terms of 
rock and blues and jazz, and the application thereof:

For example:

The BeaTles~

Paperback Writer has a Riff.
Day Tripper has a Riff


Nowhere Man has No Riff
She Loves You has No Riff


All You Need Is Love has No Riff

the rolling stones*

The Last Time has a Riff
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction has a Riff
Honkey Tonk Women has a Riff


You Can't Always Get What You Want has No Riff

The Who->

Very very few songs by The Who have traditional "riffs" but:

So Sad About Us has a rhythm Riff.
The Relay has a rhythm Riff.

Pictures of Lily has no Riff.

Big differences.


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