SNL Who reference

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Sun Oct 10 23:50:26 CDT 2004

SNL's Robert Smigel, writer and cartoonist, did an episode of a super hero 
cartoon called "The X-Presidents"- in which Carter, Ford, Bush 41, Clinton and 
the dead Ronald Reagan fight crime (this time it was Bush 43 trying to get the 
X-Presdients to neutralize John Kerry by reporting a Frankenstein-ish beast 
lulling people to sleep with some sort of spell... It was simply a campaign 
speech).  There was a lot more to it, but at the end they had Reagan jamming on 
keyboard with dead rockers in heaven (Hendrix and Morrison were there), and who 
did Reagan verbally criticize for his poor time keeping?  You guessed it- our 
boy Moonie.  It didn't look much like Moon, but Reagan referred to him by last 
name.  Quite amusing.


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