New Roger biog - sort of a review

John Hughes pureneasy at
Sun Oct 10 04:57:33 CDT 2004

I recently bought and read the biog of Roger Daltrey. I would say,
succinctly, don't bother.

Firstly, it's a tired and badly edited hack rewrite of the Who's history -
Roger's separate recording career - good, bad or indifferent he still
had/has a separate recording career - is barely covered - I don't think
Under a raging moon is mentioned in the narrative!

Oh, neither is Roger's tour in 1985 in the States, neither is his trout
farm,  nor the British Rock Symphony, his well publicised open marriage -
and yes, 5 of his 8 (known) children are mentioned, but other than some bare
facts about his family you would actually think this was a book about the

If I'm going to read a biog, I'd like to know what makes the subject tick -
I don't mean necessarily the salacious bits, but sometimes these are
necessary to identify the nature of the subject, but this - "tome" does
absolutely nothing  other than retread the "peaceful Perce" episodes from
other Who histories as a clue to the nature of Daltrey.

Sure, it touches on the deaths of his parents and his one sister from cancer
as a motivator for his charity work, but even then it's almost a throwaway.

Also, the authors throw in some very puzzling comments, like when "they
interviewed Keith Moon" - umm, have they been writing this book since 1978?

Some basic errors litter the book, too, like "Britain having but 3 tv
channels in 1965" - wrong - we only got the third one in 1967!

I'm not sure about the content of some of the alleged quotes from Kit
Lambert, either, but frankly couldn't be bothered to try and check them.

They acknowledge assitance from amoong others the late JAE, KM and Kit
Lambert, but no acknowledgement of any contribution from the living Pete
Townshend, Chris Stamp, Bob Pridden, Bill Curbishley, or any other person I
know of associated with Roger Daltrey or the Who.

Okay, if you knew nothing about the Who and ROger Daltrey this is an
expensive way of finding  out some basic facts - but in all honesty, I would
urge you not to spend a penny on it. It is simply crap.



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