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Alan McKendree amck at
Sat Oct 9 15:49:35 CDT 2004

> From: JEFoundation at
> Date: October 9, 2004 12:11:30 PM CDT
> Subject: John Entwistle . ORG
> Dear Friends,
> We are pleased to announce the inauguration of a new webpage devoted 
> to The John Entwistle Foundation.  The address is 
>  The foundation site will be separate from the 
> fan site at
> We encourage you to visit and bookmark the new site. 
> October 9, 2004 would have been John Entwistle’s 60th birthday.  If 
> you have not made a donation to John’s foundation maybe today would be 
> a good time to do so.  If you have donated in the past we thank you 
> and respectfully request that you continue to do whatever you can 
> including passing the word to others about the JEF. 
> We are at the beginning of an endeavor that will hopefully outlive us 
> all and carry on the good work that John did in his lifetime.  Thank 
> you for your attention to our foundation.
> Warmest Regards,
> Steve Luongo
> Executive Director
> John Entwistle Foundation

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