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It's kind of a long article, so I'll just post the section with Who 

Halfway to Heaven

The Beatles: The much-prayed-for Beatles reunion become impossible when John 
Lennon (1980, murder) met a deranged fan. The remaining Fab three worked 
togetheron several projects before George Harrison (2001, cancer) went to 
meet his sweet Lord.

The Who: In a band full of maniacs, drummer Keith Moon (1978, alcohol 
poisoning) was the wild man. Bassist John Entwistle (2003, cocaine-induced 
heart attack) was the quiet one with some seriously freaky forms of 

The Pretenders: After releasing two seminal albums, Chrissie Hynde 
practically had to find a new band when guitarist James Honeyman-Scott 
(1982, heroin and cocaine overdose) and bassist Peter Farndon (1983, heroin 
overdose) flamed out. She carried on alone for years, but original drummer 
Martin Chambers was back on board for the band's most recent tour.

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