The BEST live Who EVER

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sat Oct 2 19:27:11 CDT 2004

> I downloaded a couple of Tanglewood songs off of thewhoitalia.  I didn't 
> think either of these effects was obvious on Young Man Blues, which was 
> terrific, by the way.  

There are probably several sources out there.  Which would explain any
variance in sound quality.  For example, my boot, TANGLED UP IN WHO,
was probably made from a poor video copy (maybe using a crappy VCR).  
Others available on the web might be from better-sounding sources & may 
have been "cleaned up" a little bit.

> If you're describing a recorder that adjusts recording level automatically 
> depending on source volume, I think you're right. 

It has to be some kind of gate-thingy like I described.  However, questions
arise:  Why was it incorrectly (or sloppily) used?  Why is it not noticeable
on the legitimately released songs from the concert (the Max R&B DVD)?  

> Do you know if the source is an audience 8mm home movie?  Or is the 
> boot video just a lesser quality version of what's on the 30 years DVD. 

Like Bruce said, all boots seem to come from a video source - the same as 
is used on the Max R&B DVD.  But, as I said, there seems to be many 
variations in quality, depending on the bootlegger's source video.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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