The BEST live Who EVER

Bruce bkawak at
Sat Oct 2 16:31:22 CDT 2004

> If you're describing a recorder that adjusts recoording level
> depending on source volume, I think you're right.  I've never used a 1970
> vintage movie camera, but I assume it would do something like that.  Do
> know if the source is an audience 8mm home movie?  Or is the boot video
> a lesser quality version of what's on the 30 years DVD.

The boot is a copy of the DVD footage.

Anyway, they
> really do need to release as much pro-quality footage of this show as
they've got.

As of 1994 they only had the masters for the first half of the show.  This
may have changed in the meantime.  It should be noted a separate 8 track
recording mixed by John was used for the audio on the DVD.


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