The BEST live Who EVER

Jim M NakedI at
Sat Oct 2 15:32:34 CDT 2004

----- Original Message ----- From: "Scott Schrade"

> There's an extremely annoying high-pitched squeal
> running throughout most of this boot.  Like from some
> bad VCR.  Even if I drop the treble way down it's
> still audible & it completely takes away any enjoy-
> ment.

I downloaded a couple of Tanglewood songs off of thewhoitalia.  I didn't 
think either of these effects was obvious on Young Man Blues, which was 
terrific, by the way.  I think I heard what Scott's talking about on Amazing 
Journey.  Yes, that would make it hard to listen to.  Also, I thought I 
heard what Mark's referring to on My Generation.

> If you'll notice, the "thicker" sound seems to occur
> in between numbers when the band engages in stage
> banter.  Then, shortly after the song starts, the "thinner"
> sound will emerge.
> ....
> Or....(!)....the recording system might have been set
> up with what's called a "gate," which automatically
> accomplishes the above, depending on sound levels.

If you're describing a recorder that adjusts recoording level automatically 
depending on source volume, I think you're right.  I've never used a 1970 
vintage movie camera, but I assume it would do something like that.  Do you 
know if the source is an audience 8mm home movie?  Or is the boot video just 
a lesser quality version of what's on the 30 years DVD.   Anyway, they 
really do need to release as much pro-quality footage of this show as 
they've got.

Jim M 

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