The BEST live Who EVER

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sat Oct 2 13:04:18 CDT 2004

> > I've been trying to find time to listen to my CD
> > version, called TANGLED UP IN WHO, for a few 
> > days now.
> That's the one I have. It has some sort of, I can only
> describe it as the sound gets thicker and thinner.
> It's been that way with every boot I've heard of the
> show. 

OK, I busted out my Tanglewood boot & listened to
it in my car.  It's definitely taken from a video source,
as Bruce has mentioned.

There's an extremely annoying high-pitched squeal
running throughout most of this boot.  Like from some
bad VCR.  Even if I drop the treble way down it's
still audible & it completely takes away any enjoy-
ment.  Now I remember why I don't listen to this boot
very often.  (The bonus tracks from other shows are
much more enjoyable & don't have the squeal.)

As far as your description of the sound getting "thicker
& thinner," Mark, I have some theories on that.  I don't
believe it's simply the result of the boot being a video
transfer as Bruce has stated.

If you'll notice, the "thicker" sound seems to occur
in between numbers when the band engages in stage
banter.  Then, shortly after the song starts, the "thinner"
sound will emerge.

It's almost as if someone (with access to the recording
gear) is hitting a switch which cuts out the *stage*
recording microphones whenever the band starts
talking in between songs.  When that happens, it
sounds as if only far away ambience mics are engaged -
making it sound very muddy.

Then, when the songs start, the switch is hit again
which engages the stage mics & everything becomes
a whole lot clearer, if not thinner, as you say.

Or....(!)....the recording system might have been set
up with what's called a "gate," which automatically
accomplishes the above, depending on sound levels.

But....(!)....for some reason, it's not as cut & dried
as I explained above.  The think-sounding setting gets
left on throughout most of "My Generation" & we
lose the clarity of the instruments - which is frustrating,
to say the least.

That's my best theory.  I don't think it's just a matter
of the source being video.  There's something else
going on in the recording process.  I know I've heard
this happening on other boots, as well.  But I can't
remember which ones at the moment.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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