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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Sat Oct 2 08:13:34 CDT 2004

> consigned the likes of Yes's 1973 opus, "Tales of
> Topographic Oceans," to the bargain bins of history.

That album deserves the trash bin. I saw that tour,
and the LP hadn't been released yet. Yes played this 4
tediously long songed double album, then encoured with
Roundabout...the only song any of the audience had
heard and too little FAR too late. Worst concert by a
major band I've ever attended.
And the album sucks, too.

> Brian Wilson's "Smile," a

Speaking of which, I'm listening to it as I write. I'm
pleasantly surprised. It's not Pet Sounds, but it's a
lot better than I feared it would be. Brian sounds
very good, almost up to his old standard. Any Wilson
or Beach Boys fan will like this enough to want it.

> well, green day's concept album "american idiot"
(about you know who..) is 
the no. 1 album in the country right now. 

Excellent. I have that one at the store, intent to
play it today.

> That's because the audio source is a video tape.


I still don't understand why that would change the
sound. Is it because the camera changes? Close up to
far away, and the sound reflects the changes?
My Tanglewood videotape is unwatchable, but I'm
expecting a DVD very soon from a generous fellow list

> John was completely tripping (spiked) at the time.  

I remember Pete or Roger saying that every time they
put their drink cup down, someone threw some acid into

> Most of the setlists and concert quotes in Concert
File are from yours truly. :)

And are therefore beyond doubt. You are the ultimate
authority on live Who.

> Hey I was nice too. :)

Yes, Bruce, but that's a given. You're ALWAYS nice.
Brian and his lovely wife too, and Virginia. Jon
Dawson. EVERYONE! Damned if I'm going to try to
remember everyone I met that night, four years later,
while listening to music written for people doing acid
to listen to!

"Of course I know Osama bin Laden attacked us. I know
   George "I do I do I do! (stamps foot)" Bush

Cheers         ML

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