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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Fri Oct 1 08:44:39 CDT 2004

> You guys are talking about the Tanglewood boot, 



> I've been trying to find time to listen to my CD
version, called TANGLED UP IN WHO, for a few days now.

That's the one I have. It has some sort of, I can only
describe it as the sound gets thicker and thinner.
It's been that way with every boot I've heard of the
show. This is definitely the best I've had, but it's
so close to being annoys me. The "thicker"
sound comes between songs, but more often than not
doesn't end until after the next song has started.

> One hears that a lot, but I think they *approached*
their previous ('69-'70) peak in '75 but never quite
reached that earlier level.

All I can do is cite my experience and the shows I've
heard. I just got Pontiac Stadium 1975 on DVD (which
is really the last 48 minutes of the show and includes
the Join Together/My Generation Blues featured on TKAA
movie), and it's also up to any `69/70 boot I've

> This got me to thinking about the Woodstock '69
That's some of my favorite live Who, right there.  

Really? I find that show to be a bit rushed. And no,
I'm not referring to the fact that most boots of the
show are too fast. I fixed that. It just seems they
were trying to get it over with ASAP.

> I disagree.  Moon even seemed to have trouble
the groove sometimes on this song.

I'm not a drummer. But it doesn't sound complex.

> Take it up with the authors of CONCERT FILE.

My source obviously took it right from the boot.

> We met one of the authors, Joe McMichael, in Atlanta
in 2000.  Remember
Mark?  He was really nice.

Yes, I do. Hey, everyone was great that night. You
know the preshows are as good as the shows to me. I
wish there'd been a post-show, but the bar had closed
when we went back.

> That's reaching a bit, I think.

Not me. Sometimes it's more about the content than the

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  George "flustered in Florida" Bush

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