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The Who Live in Boston (Warner Music Vision) ****

Recorded on the US tour following John Entwistle's
death, opinion will inevitably be split on just how
much of a Who show this really is - if Keith Moon was
irreplaceable when he died back in 1978, then how much
more of a hole does the loss of his rhythm section
partner Entwistle leave?

Hardcore Who fans can argue over the merits of that
one, because Zak Starkey (Ringo Starr's son) and Pino
Palladino fill in on drums and bass respectively, and
the casual listener will be hard pressed to notice the

With no album to plug (though a couple of respectable
new songs are included) this is a greatest hits set,
and all the better for it. And better still, Pete
Townshend and Roger Daltrey play it like they mean it,
turning what could be two hours of cheesy nostalgia
into something vibrant and vital (at one stage Daltrey
memorably berates the crowd for its impatience during
a Townshend monologue).

The extras are restricted to a selection of
Entwistle's line drawings, and short interviews with
Townshend and Daltrey in which they candidly discuss
their possible future, their reactions to Entwistle's
death and their decision to carry on (Townshend rather
unconvincingly justifies it on the grounds of the jobs
dependent on the tour). On this evidence, though, the
music itself remains justification enough.

-Brian in Atlanta
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