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...The frontman [Wayne Coyne] is an engaging
interviewee and enthuses about the great shows he saw
as a teenager in Oklahoma City. "I'm 43, I was born in
1961 and I was lucky to have older brothers who had
lots of records and lived a sort of intense lifestyle.
You can imagine how much fun we had at my house. I
remember taking four days out of school and waiting in
line for Led Zeppelin tickets, in January too, which
in Oklahoma is really cold. I saw Alice Cooper, The
Who, still with Keith Moon, when they had the big
laser beams, it was a religious moment, for sure. It
transcended rock'n'roll, it was pretty impressive for
14 year old. I also saw Kiss a couple of times, great
moments, when you have blood and fire and naked women
and loud rock'n'roll," reflects Coyne who cut his
teeth playing Who covers, including the psychedelic
single "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere", in the early days
of the Lips when his younger brother Mark was the lead
singer, before he quit for "a normal life"...

-Brian in Atlanta
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