Rabbit Loop Files Available

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 30 22:36:09 CST 2004

There's an mp3 available for download if you want to sample these:


Twidly Bits John Rabbits Rock and Country Piano loops files

Twidly Bits John Rabbits Rock and Country Piano loops files. Texan John 
"Rabbit" Bundrick is one of rock's elite sidemen, whose sparkling and fluid 
keyboard playing has graced the likes of The Who, Crawler, Bob Marley, 
Johnny Nash, and countless others, over a career that spans almost thirty 
years. This unique disk comprises licks, tricks, runs, grooves, and solos, 
some up to 16 bars in length, presented in Standard MIDI File form. Recorded 
at high resolution, unquantized, and copyright cleared, these files are for 
use on all major computer/sequencer or workstation platforms. 'Cut and 
paste' items range from simple chords, offered in a wide range of pianistic 
voicings, to intricate piano rhythms to enliven and inspire. Stars, perhaps, 
are the boogie woogie parts (Rabbit supplied the fabulous 'Jerry Lee' piano 
playing in the John Goodman film King Ralph) demonstrating not only Rabbit's 
incredible dexterity but also acting as an incomparable insight into this 
form of jazz piano playing. Digital piano sounds try to make pianists out of 
us all, but this disk allows you to see, use, and interact with genuine high 
class piano playing from one of the all-time greats - as ably shown on In My 
Town, a track from Rabbit's Dream Jungle album, which is the disk's featured 
demo. ON THIS DISK: are Boogie Woogie, Chords 1 & 2, Fills 1 & 2, Endings, 
Glissandos, Intros, Phrases, Rhythms 1 & 2, Rhythm Fills files in both Type 
1 and Type 0 formats.


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