townshend A&E bio review

Tue Nov 30 13:37:30 CST 2004

much better than expected. no mentions of pete's arrest, nor entwistle's 
death, nor his current relationship with rachel fuller. but pretty much everything 
else about his personal and professional life is mentioned with interviews 
with roger, richard barnes, billy nichols, tom wright, and even pete's mother 
who looks so much like her son that it's a bit scary. 
plus some footage and photos i've never seen before, including stuff from the 
hollywood bowl 02 show, pete smashing a guitar on the sidewalk with entwistle 
and rog looking on and laughing (circa 1989), pete performing at the HOB, 
stills of pete with his wife and children, etc. etc. 
interesting tidbits as well. like while kit Lambert was chauffeuring pete and 
keith around to different posh restaurants and the such, roger was living in 
the band's touring van. 

in the end, it treats pete very well and it's a must see for all fans. : )

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