Houston 75

John Hughes pureneasy at tesco.net
Tue Nov 30 02:21:00 CST 2004

Jim, re

> >  Japan is region 2 like the UK, so North Americans who want to buy this
> >  will have to hack their DVD players - if you haven't already - to play
> > DVD's.
>    I haven't, but that would surely give me the incentive to!  What about
>    PAL vs NTSC difference?  Once hacked, wouldn't the image have been
>    for a different format

I don't know. My understanding is the region codes lock the data, and but
the data is simply that - data - and it's the player which sends the data in
the right format.

So my guess would be that a region 1 dvd player hacked (as distinct from a
specifically multi region player) to play all regions would still send the
data in the right format for the "region 1" tv.

And, my UK hacked DVD player plays US DVD's fine on my tv.



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