Better Off Not Live

Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon Nov 29 17:37:15 CST 2004

> > "Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand"
> Another oldie.  I really thought those would stay off the list.  But, you're
> right.

Well, not exactly a concert staple, but it *was* played on occasion.
Isn't it interesting that "Tattoo," a song that, at first, you might think would
make a terrible live number, turned out to be a great live song?

And I'll make the same argument for "Sister Disco."  (Although some
may disagree.)  Another decent live number for a song which doesn't
seem like it would transfer easily to the stage.  SD was always fast &
pumped up when they played it from '79 - '82.  Plus, with the quieter, 
slower parts, it created nice juxtaposition.

> > "The Kids Are Alright"  (yep-ers)
> How about a shorter, more authentic version?  I think the only problem with
> KAA is they carried on with the sappy, extended version too long. 

And the vocals were pretty shabby.  Difficult song to pull off.  

> > "Tommy, Can You Hear Me"
>  HELLO!!!

A quick listen to the version on the Amsterdam '69 boot is all the 
evidence needed.
> > "Pure & Easy"
>  If LAFK gets a pass because of the Young Vic version, this gets a double
> pass.

"Pure & Easy" could do with some editing.  It's too long.  I'm talking all
versions.  Studio & live.  If they bust this one out for 2005, they'd better 
edit it down like they did "I Don't Even Know Myself" for the 2000 tour.  

> > "Long Live Rock"
> Hey, they just put it back in the set.  They've got to play *something*
> different. 

Yeah, you're right.  I'd much rather hear this than "Magic Bus."

> And I like the Who's Last version, particularly the reprise.

It's actually one of the highlights of WHO'S LAST.  I just listened to that
live album last week.  It was my "driving-tunes" choice.  More on that later. 

>  Sally Simpson

OK, but I've heard some pretty rousing live versions from around '69.
Moon used to do this build up & explode on the last verse.  And I don't
know if you've ever heard the version on the TOMMY REHEARSALS
boot - that's good, too.

> Boris the Spider (I'm sure I'll take some flak for that one)

Well, are you saying that it didn't always work out on stage?  I thought
they usually pulled this one off pretty well.  (You'll have to cite more than
the flubbed lyrics on the Fillmore '68 version to convince me.)  Or is it just 
a song you'd rather not hear live?  Because, I don't think this song deserves
to be on the "Better Off Not Live" list.  The live version hardly differs from
the studio version!

- SCHRADE in Akron

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