Better Off Not Live

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Mon Nov 29 14:56:07 CST 2004

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> I concede, it's the same with [Baba and] "Who Are You."  So, let's keep
> 'em both off that list.

 Right.  I was going for songs that don't cut the mustard live, not album
tracks that are too sublime to surpass.  Conversely, I wouldn't put lousy
studio songs on the list, either (e.g., DYSMM).

> More "Better Off Not Live" songs (IMO):
> "Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand"

Another oldie.  I really thought those would stay off the list.  But, you're

> "The Kids Are Alright"  (yep-ers)

How about a shorter, more authentic version?  I think the only problem with
KAA is they carried on with the sappy, extended version too long.  Then in
'04 they slowed it way down in the MG jam, at least in Mansfield.  Just play
it like the single and it would be fine.

> "Tommy, Can You Hear Me"


> "Pure & Easy"

 If LAFK gets a pass because of the Young Vic version, this gets a double

> "Long Live Rock"

Hey, they just put it back in the set.  They've got to play *something*
different.  And I like the Who's Last version, particularly the reprise.
Roger needs to work on his part, though.  It sounded like he couldn't quite
remember the tune this year.

OK, here are a couple more suggestions...

 Sally Simpson
Boris the Spider (I'm sure I'll take some flak for that one)

 Jim M

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