Vertigo v. Wooly Bully

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> or maybe not, but hey. ha.  got a great riff.  and what's wrong with bono 
> saying "unos, dos, tres, cattorce?" what about "one, two three's quatro" on 
> "wooly bully"? 

But at least "Wooly Bully" actually counts in numerical order, just changes 
language.  Besides, Wooly Bully is an absolute nonsense song akin to Louie 
Louie.  U2 is a cerebral band.  However, the question has been answered as to why 
it's 1,2,3,14.  It's their 14th album (doesn't seem like it's been that many). 
 Are they counting live (Rattle and Hum) and compilation albums in the 14?


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