Not hating U2

Sat Nov 27 21:07:20 CST 2004

In a message dated 11/27/2004 8:46:36 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Sroundtable at writes:

> I'm not hating U2 at all, just those commercials.  There is a point where 
> the 
> spots OVERsaturate and turn off people like me.  That's what I was referring 
> to.

well, I did mention that those car commercials with "bargain" made me kinda 
hate that particular song. and now with those JCPenny ads using LMLOTD 
constantly being shown, I hope I don't start not loving that song now.. 
JCPenny using a townshend song in a commercial featuring children while 
townshend was accused of being a pedophile.. perhaps another michael moore film in 
the works? ha! ; )

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