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Sat Nov 27 09:08:49 CST 2004

> Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 18:35:51 -0000
> From: "Chris Sheppard" <chris.sheppard2 at>
> Hi everyone just thought ld tell you why U2 or should l say Bono goes 
> ---ono ,,dos ,,tres Quatro is
> on first album BOY he started it off by going one..,,two,,three,,four 
> ,,thus as there new album ( atomic bomb) is there 14th
> he sings ono(one),,dos(two),,tres(three ) quatro(14) to mark the start 
> of there 14th album
> simple and clever really

I like the explanation.  However, at (appears to be the band's 
official website) it lists 14 albums, two of which are greatest-hits 
collections and none of which are How to Dismantle...  So according to 
them, HTDAAM is either their 15th or their 13th album, depending on 
whether or not you count the greatest hits.


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