The Who Album Publicity and U2

L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Nov 26 19:23:20 CST 2004

>it's not exactly age... you see Rolling Stones, after Start Me Up, nothing
more happened... only tours tours tours with the same old good songs... I
don't know what is... it could be an trade off between be successful or be
relevant... U2 now remains successful, but is not relevant anymore... and
tomorrow the irrelevance will win... it's INEXORABLE... or not... only God

So you think bands don't take chances any more after they're successful?  Is 
relevance about taking chances, maybe?

I haven't checked out the lyrics on all U2's songs, but the sales 
demographics will soon tell us if their album is relevant.  I suspect it is. 
  Tweens and young teens are still into rap, hiphop and the new R&B, but at 
twenty they're looking for something with more substance.  U2's title is the 
epitome of relevance--I take it to be about dismantling the current 
political trends in the world.

I think relevance is writing music about current concerns, regardless of 
demographic.  Anyone who looks back too much is not going to be seen as 
relevant.  Getting stuck in a particular time period and never being able to 
get beyond it seems to be a common fault of writers.


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