The Who Album Publicity and U2

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Fri Nov 26 17:11:48 CST 2004

it's not exactly age... you see Rolling Stones, after Start Me Up, nothing 
more happened... only tours tours tours with the same old good songs... I 
don't know what is... it could be an trade off between be successful or be 
relevant... U2 now remains successful, but is not relevant anymore... and 
tomorrow the irrelevance will win... it's INEXORABLE... or not... only God 


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>>U2 now is like Who in 1979... a mature, successful and active band
>maintaining his success, sometimes achieving occasional high peaks. The Who
>will never repeat this status again, IMO, unfortunately... The chances of
>the new album revive the Who's career are very low, like Yes in 1983? 
>of a lonely heart) or Pink Floyd in 1999? (learn to fly), that is, a
>conjunction of good songs and public's humor and taste (with some bit of a
>good publicity).
>You're probably right, considering that half of them are dead.  However, I 
>believe B.B. King had a hit album not that long ago.  I don't think age has 
>that much to do with it.
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