The noose, U2, and Rabbit Ears...

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Fri Nov 26 08:53:09 CST 2004

>From: Alan McKendree <amck at>
>Subject: Re: Zak & Pino To Retain Their Who Membership!
>> Hmmmmm.  "members of the incredible touring band still billed as the 
>> Who."
>> Ya can almost feel the noose.
>What I feel is the admission that they know it's not The Who but they 
>continue to call it that.

I'm not sure I'd call it an admission that "they know it's not The Who."
More of an admission that they acknowledge it's an issue?

>I'm not so pessimistic as to sense a noose 
>(but it may nevertheless be there).  If the album is a success and the 
>tour (hypothetically) is a financial success, there may not be a noose 
>involved.  I continue to hope for the best...

Oh, don't get me wrong.
I don't think the 'is it The Who or Who2' "controversy" will pull them down, or doom them in any way.
And, I too am quite optimistic (and excited) about a new album.
It's just funny to me that everyone (now to include Who Management) is dancing around the whole issue of 'is it The Who or what?'.
I guess when I wrote "noose", I was thinking of the struggle to come to terms with the band name, what ever it may end up being (or not being).

>From: Sroundtable at
>Subject: Re: The Who album publicity and U2
>NOT A CHANCE.  The U2 album is getting more promotion via those I-Pod/I-tunes commercials than any album I have ever seen in >my life.  Those spots are saturating the airwaves.  I have grown to hate them.

It's the most brilliant promotional campaign for an album we've seen in a very long time.
The first time I saw it I knew it was big.
We can only hope for something close.

And, while on U2, I just wanted to say how much I identified with what Schradeloneous said about watching an average band, U2 transform into a major act right before our eyes at Live Aid.
I had just been turned onto some of their music a few weeks before, and found myself sitting on the floor in my parents room (only TV in the house) watching their set at Live Aid.  My mom walked by, and I even bothered to pull her into the room so she could see it for herself.
I knew we were watching a transformation.....something big.
It's the biggest memory I have of Live Aid.  U2 stole the show. 

>Subject: New Rabbit Diary
>To: thewho at
>Ya'll don't worry bout my ears..I'm gonna be just fine, ok?
>The Doc's have got it all under control, so no worries........

First of all, I dig Rabbit a bunch.
But, I'm also worried about him.
He's starting to look frail like John was near his end.
And, what's with all the bizarre antics?
Forgetting to dress and going down to a hotel loby bar in his briefs?
Having messed up ears and waiting so long to get them checked out that he's passing out?
That's some serious ear infection going on (or is this a side-effect of universal coverage in the UK and thus long wait times to see a doc???)
I don't know, and I don't want to start any rumor, but I've been having a funny feeling about Rabbit lately.
Maybe he's always like this, and via his diary, we're just really getting good insight.
Dunno, but worried...

VIVA TRIPTOPHANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin in VT

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