The Who album publicity and U2

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Thu Nov 25 12:05:09 CST 2004

U2 now is like Who in 1979... a mature, successful and active band 
maintaining his success, sometimes achieving occasional high peaks. The Who 
will never repeat this status again, IMO, unfortunately... The chances of 
the new album revive the Who's career are very low, like Yes in 1983? (owner 
of a lonely heart) or Pink Floyd in 1999? (learn to fly), that is, a 
conjunction of good songs and public's humor and taste (with some bit of a 
good publicity).


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>The U2  album is getting more promotion via those I-Pod/I-tunes commercials
>than any  album I have ever seen in my life.
>Now if we could just get a blue/white/red Who iPod in answer to  the black 
>red U2 one.  The design lends itself well to the Who  target logo.  I can
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