Curbishley's Post

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Nov 24 23:59:27 CST 2004

>OK, I'll bite, what's the basis for that speculation?  The only thing I
see worthy of note on close inspection of that message is "We all feel
we still have much to offer and achieve as a group and were looking
forward to completing an album for eventual release next year." which
could be read as saying they've SCRAPPED the album. It depends on
whether Bill C, or whoever typed that in, really meant "WERE looking
forward to..." -- as in, we've given it up -- but it's probably a
typoed attempt at "WE'RE looking forward to..." -- as in, we ARE
looking forward".

I dunno.  I'm just reporting the discussion.

You have picked out the sentence that's being dissected, presumably because 
it holds some clue to the status of the album.  We're into nuances of UK 
usage here, but I'd personally suspect it's that word "completed" that has 
set some folks off, like it's all in work but not quite done yet.


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