Mc's band plays Baba

Sroundtable at Sroundtable at
Wed Nov 24 17:09:44 CST 2004

Well, the song that I love so much is now part of The Imposters' stage staples.  We played it for the third time live last night, and though the synth track in the drummer's monitor was WAY too low and we got ahead of the track almost immediately (but later righted the ship), it was well-received.  I also hate to talk in praise of myself, but I'm going to anyway.  My voice last night was the best it has ever been, and I nailed the two high notes at the beginning of Baba (fight FOR my meals...get my BACK into...) and generally kicked ass all over that song.  Of course, I won't go into some past versions we have done where I, let's say, didn't nail those notes (being kind).  If anyone is curious about us, we have a website:  I'm in the Brian Johnson get up.


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