Who live backing vox

Sroundtable at aol.com Sroundtable at aol.com
Wed Nov 24 17:00:48 CST 2004

"Oh my, the backing vocals on the live versions of YBYB are always horrible. They ruin the song.  Same with most of the live versions of WAY, too, I'm afraid.  Weak backing vocals."

Let's be honest.  The Who's live backing vocals have always been horrible.  I have always found them to be mixed far too low.  Just listen to IOW or Leeds.  They are weak.  John had a serious volume problem and Pete was inconsistent in even singing them sometimes.  This is why Pinball Wizard has always failed for me on live recordings.  The backing vocals just flat suck, IMHO.  Roger drowns John and Pete out and ruins the harmony effect that we get on the studio version.

As for WAY, the backing vocals have improved dramatically on the last two tours, IMHO, because Simon has been added to the mix.  Even so, there is just something wrong with the balance of the backing vocals in the mix that just doesn't blend Pete and Simon's voices properly.  One always seems noticeably louder than the other.


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