The Who album publicity and U2

Sroundtable at Sroundtable at
Wed Nov 24 16:54:40 CST 2004

"my local paper even commented on it. pretty big isn't it? ya think it'll get the same kinda publicity as U2's new album?"

NOT A CHANCE.  The U2 album is getting more promotion via those I-Pod/I-tunes commercials than any album I have ever seen in my life.  Those spots are saturating the airwaves.  I have grown to hate them.  And what is with Bono going, "Uno, dos, tres, cattorce (sp?)"?  One, two, three, fourteen?  What the hell is that?  Nonsensical, I say.

BUT, I do hope that The Who's new album gets better promotion than their recent tours, which have gotten the bare minimum.


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