AJ/S E-Jam

Sigel, James (N-CSC) james.sigel at lmco.com
Wed Nov 24 12:02:15 CST 2004

>Jim, you may be thinking of the time I criticized the AJ/S E-jam from
LAL because I
>thought Pete played it too safe with the repetitive chord strums
>as opposed to one of his manic solos.

Yes, I think that's it!  What was it, about a month or so ago when you
said that?  Yes, I think that's the thread.  I'm glad you clarified
because it was distressing to me to think that you didn't like that jam
at all.  But I see your case for LAL.  And why do you suppose Pete plays
it like that there?  They change to the E-jam, and he hits a mighty and
majestic high solo note, and then he cuts back to the chords.  You get
worked up for a wild solo, but yes, just chords after that.

>But let's set the record straight here:  I *love* that jam.  It's so

Amen.  Walking the Tightrope Without a Net Who.  For me, it sums up
their greatness.

>That jam, the YMB jams, & the "Heaven & Hell" jams (mainly from the '69
- '70 period)
>are my favorite live Who moments.

Amen squared.  For me, you can't find any better examples of live Who.

>More "Better Off Not Live" songs (IMO):
>"Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand"
>"The Kids Are Alright"  (yep-ers)
>"Tommy, Can You Hear Me"
>"Pure & Easy"
>"Long Live Rock"

Yeah, you're right here too.  Although P&E from the Young Vic disc is
outstanding.  And I always liked the recklessness of LLR from Toronto

Good memory of LLR from the '82 tour as well.  It was the first time I'd
seen The Who live, and during the "...rock is dead" part of LLR, an aged
hippie sitting in front of me broke into tears.  "NO!!!  Rock isn't dead
man!"  Hilarious.

Jim in Colorado

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